How to Shop For a New Mattress

It’s easy to be a smart shopper when you have the right information. Here are a few tips:

Couple standing near mattressCome Prepared

Dress comfortably, you will be testing many mattresses. Know the dimensions of your current set - width, length as well as height from floor to the top of your mattress. If you have a king size mattress, find out if you have an Eastern King of California King size. Check out our Mattress Size chart for mattress sizes.It might also be a good idea to know your room dimensions — you may decide to upgrade the size of your mattress.

Your Sleep Country sales associate can suggest several models for you to try by lying down on each model for several minutes. Turn from side to side to check comfort and support in all positions. Make sure to lie for several minutes in the position you usually sleep.

Know what you’re buying

Mattress manufacturers use different model names to identify each mattress. It’s simpler to use in discussion, and easier to remember than a stock number. Mattresses these days tend to look very similar, so it’s important to know what's inside your mattress.

Comparing mattresses

Close up of mattress

Mattress model names may vary between retailers. Compare mattresses by knowing what brand, style, and type of comfort levels and support levels that the mattresses feature:

  • Support levels are determined by innerspring coils — wrapped or linked — or by foam support layers. Innerspring coils can vary by coil count and coil gauge. Check the price tags on the individual mattress to know what you are getting.
  • Comfort levels are determined by the foams and padding layered on top of the support system. Comfort layers can vary between memory foam, latex foam, high density foams, and natural and synthetic fibers. Manufacturers often use different types of padding layers in their mattresses that are unique to their brand. Check with your sales associate to learn more about the difference between various foams and fibers.

And remember, you can't judge a mattress by its specifications alone. Pay close attention to the way the mattress feels to you. The comfort of a mattress and conform-ability to your body are crucial in ensuring that you maintain proper spinal alignment and get a comfortable night’s sleep.

It’s also important to remember that a good night’s sleep is built on an equally good foundation. A mattress's foundation — or boxspring — gives your mattress the support it needs for lasting comfort, safety, and durability. A matching foundation is generally recommended. Mattresses are designed to be used, and have been fire tested, in conjunction with a foundation as part of a set.

Read more about the various types of foundations available.

Buy from a trusted retailer

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with any retailer’s services and satisfaction guarantees. What is their exchange policy? Do they charge for delivery? What if you find a comparable product at a lower price after your purchase? Be wary of hidden fees. Some retailers charge extra fees for delivery and exchange privileges.

Find the Right Mattress